Fruit Bowl coverage in Hello, 15 September 2021

Title: Hello, 23 September 2021
Client: Fruit Bowl

Odysea coverage in Good Housekeeping, 15 September 2021

Title: Good Housekeeping, 1 September 2021
Client: Odysea

Idahoan coverage in Woman's Own, 15 September 2021

Title: Woman's Own, 23 September 2021
Client: Idahoan

UK Flour Millers coverage in The Sun (TV Mag), 11 August 2021

Title: The Sun (TV Mag), 7 August 2021
Client: UK Flour Millers

Fruit Bowl coverage in Woman's Own, 14 June 2021

Title: Woman's Own, 14 June 2021
Client: Fruit Bowl

Heura coverage in Speciality Food Magazine, 14 June 2021

Title: Speciality Food Magazine, 1 May 2021
Client: Heura

UK Flour Millers coverage in Yours , 14 June 2021

Title: Yours , 4 May 2021
Client: UK Flour Millers

UK Flour Millers coverage in Baking Heaven, 19 April 2021

Title: Baking Heaven, 1 April 2021
Client: UK Flour Millers

Fruit Bowl coverage in Closer, 19 April 2021

Title: Closer, 6 March 2021
Client: Fruit Bowl

Carr's Flour coverage in Daily Express, 19 April 2021

Title: Daily Express, 18 February 2021
Client: Carr's Flour

Learning with Experts coverage in The Daily Mail, 19 April 2021

Title: The Daily Mail, 11 February 2021
Client: Learning with Experts

Guittard Chocolate Company coverage in The Guardian, 21 September 2020

Title: The Guardian, 13 September 2020
Client: Guittard Chocolate Company

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Chris Osburn
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