Well seasoned PR for Food & Drink Brands

At Nudge, we understand that every bite and every sip has a story. We're here to spill the beans.

We don't just nudge; we push boundaries. Through creative campaigns and considered communication, our team of digital experts and seasoned PR professionals are ready to shake things up with you.

We brew strong relationships. Your success is our success, and we're committed to working hand-in-hand to elevate your brand. Whether you're an artisan startup or a much loved supermarket staple, you're just our cup of tea.

Our Work

Key PR services

  • Coverage Generation

    Get your story heard, your profile raised and your brand known. We're connected to and respected by the journalists who'll be back for second helpings.

  • Event Organisation

    Put your brand front and centre, create an unforgettable experience and connect with your customer base. From idea to execution, we've got the recipe for an event that sizzles.

  • Crisis Management

    Protect your brand with our team of skillfully trained crisis professionals. We'll implement a considered campaign to safeguard your reputation.

Key Digital services

  • Social Media Management

    Add some spice to your social media with our digital experts. From creating engaging content to leading with strategy and insights, we build your following, generate demand and drive sales.

  • Influencer Relations

    Cook up excitement by building an influencer community. A powerful tool that drives honest advocacy and showcases your brand to a captive audience.

  • Digital Advertising

    With targeted advertising campaigns, you can leave your audiences craving more. From generating traffic to stirring up engagement and enriching brand awareness, we have the secret ingredient to achieving your brand's advertising goals.