To create world-class bakes, you must use world-class chocolate. The Guittard baking range offers blends, fair-trade and organic chocolate in a variety of different forms; from their chips that are just waiting to become chocolate chip cookies to cocoa powders ideal for brownies and discs designed to melt into your cakes, there is a Guittard product suitable for every recipe.

For those who prefer to take a moment to enjoy their chocolate unadulterated, Guittard offer six blended bars, ranging from 38% milk to 91% dark. Guittard use beans from around the world, with sources including South and Central America, West Africa, the Carribean, the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific. Believing that blended chocolate has just as much to offer as single origin, the Guittard team combines their beans to create perfectly balanced flavour combinations and different flavour profiles.

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