Taste The Mediterranean With Odysea's New Feta & Yogurt Spread and Feta Cubes

Explore the flavours of the warmer climes of Greece and the Mediterranean with Odysea’s new Feta & Yoghurt Spread and Feta Cubes, both now available in Waitrose stores nationwide. The new products join Odysea’s extensive range of cheese and dairy products bringing the true flavours of the Mediterranean to the UK.

Odysea Creamy Feta & Greek Yoghurt Spread is made by third generation dairy, Roussas Dairy, using PDO feta and real Greek yoghurt made from sheep and goat’s milk. The Creamy Feta & Greek Yoghurt Spread gets its flavour from the rich blend of native herbs and flora that the sheep and goat herds graze on in the Thessaly Mountains, and the feta has PDO status thanks to being produced in this region. This smooth, tangy, deeply savoury spread is perfect for picnicking: use it to elevate any lunchtime sandwich, pair it with crisp leaves and cured meats; as a quick desk snack to dunk crunchy crudités into; or simply sprinkle with za’atar, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and toasted seeds and enjoy as a dressed dip with thick cut crisps.

Odysea Feta Cubes are made using Odysea’s signature PDO feta. This ready-to-use new size is ideal for keeping in the fridge, with its ultra-convenient format making it perfect for when you need a sprinkling of feta with minimum fuss. Enjoy the creamy saltiness of the cubes in simple salads of chunky tomatoes, slivered red onions and refreshing mint; add to a lunchtime omelette or pitta pocket with sweet roasted vegetables and crisp lettuce; or enjoy its tangy richness dotted through bowls of fluffy couscous at your barbecue or picnic.

Odysea’s impeccable sourcing and focus on building and maintaining relationships with producers around the Mediterranean ensures that they have a reputation for supplying authentic, quality Greek and Mediterranean food that is continued with the launch of these new products.

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