Saint Benevolence, The Haitian Rum Clairin that Gives Back with Every Sip

Bwason Pou Bonte

“Drink to Goodness”

Brand new to the UK, Saint Benevolence showcases the tradition of Haitian Rum Clairin – a rustic, terroir driven sugar cane spirit. Produced in partnership with their 3rd generation distillers, Saint Benevolence sends 100% of their profits to charity, to work the brand has been funding in Haiti for 20 years.

Crisp and refined, with prominent hints of hot wasabi and spicy white pepper, smoke on the nose and touches of green banana and briny green olive, Saint Benevolence was founded by Calvin and Chase Babcock as a means of merging their love of rum with the charitable endeavors the father-son team have brought to the island nation of Haiti over the last four decades, in partnership with Reverend Gueillant Dorcinvil, a Saint Michel native.

Working closely with longstanding nonprofit partners Innovating Health International, Ti Kay and Living Hope Haiti, Saint Benevolence is dedicated to dramatically improving the quality of life for people living in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Every sip of Saint Benevolence rum clairin directly funds life-changing medical services, educational programs and economic developments benefitting the people and local communities of Northern Haiti.

As Haiti’s premium ancestral sugarcane spirit, Saint Benevolence Rum Clairin is grown in the fertile soils and tropical climate of Saint Michel de l’Attalaye. Fermented for 5-7 days, this single batch spirit is distilled in a handmade pot still fired by sugar cane waste as biofuel. This method hasn’t changed vastly from the French techniques of the 18th century – it’s an artisan process rich with history, skill and expertise, meaning Saint Benevolence truly bottles the purest essence of both Haiti’s unique terroir and the tradition of Saint Michel.

One of a kind and forthright in flavour, Saint Benevolence’s 50% ABV rum clairin can be enjoyed sipped straight by rum purists, mixed with a grapefruit tonic for a sophisticated aperitif with a tart twist, or thanks to its perfectly clear liquid and fresh, peppery flavours, it also shines as the backbone to this year’s trend for rum cocktails, delivering mojitos and daiquiris that truly pack a punch!

Or if you’re looking for a true taste of Haiti, try mixing with sugar and lime for the simple but unbeatable marriage of flavours that come from a classic Caribbean Ti’ punch.

Saint Benevolence is available to purchase online from The Whisky Exchange and Drinks Supermarket (RRP: £44.99) Ready for you to impress your friends and family, Saint Benevolence is a rum like no other this Summer, all whilst supporting life-changing charitable programmes central to the people and community of Haiti.

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