New Wine App, Pingza, Launches To Revolutionise The Way You Choose Wine

Bored of being baffled by wine jargon? Keep finding yourself endlessly staring at the supermarket shelves? Not sure what wine is best to pair with your meal out? Pingza is here to give you the solution in seconds, from the convenience of a simple app. Download Pingza and answer a series of questions, these are then collated to create your personal Palate Profile. So, whether you like big and juicy reds, or citrussy and sharp whites, Pingza will know. Each wine in the app has a matching palate badge, providing a sure-fire way to always pick a wine you’ll love.

Once Pingza has helped you pick a wine, whether that be for a night in with the girls, a special dinner or even a bubble bath, it’ll show you the supermarket with the best deal – with Pingza you’re always buying the perfect wine, at the best price. Pingza is constantly updated with what’s new in supermarkets near you so you can rest easy in the knowledge that good wine, every time, is just a tap away.

Pingza doesn’t just solve the eternal problem of mammoth supermarket aisles, it can also be used at some of your favourite restaurant chains. Try pulling out Pingza when at your favourite restaurant to see which wine matches your food choice, always in line with your personal taste profile, of course. Or if you’re cooking up a storm, make sure the wine you buy matches your food by pairing it in the app. Tap on what you’re making and Pingza will present you with the wines you like, that match the food you’re making.

Pingza is free for all to use and is here to make choosing, drinking and enjoying wine a more streamlined and stress-free process. So download Pingza here and start your journey to wine freedom.

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