Minicrops Launch Range of Chef-Loved Produce Online for Home Cooks

London-based urban vertical farming brand, Minicrops, has expanded the range in its online shop for consumers across the U.K. Previously only accessible to top chefs and restaurants including Quaglino's, Hide and Sartoria, now budding home cooks will be able to better spruce up their own dishes with Minicrops, available to deliver fresh and sustainable produce, nationwide, direct to your door.

Minicrops use sustainable food production methods and grows its crops using indoor, advanced, automated, hydroponic and aeroponic systems – with 60% less energy and 85-90% less water compared to traditional farms. In a society increasingly concerned with sustainability and the origins of our food, Minicrops prides itself on its low carbon footprint, offering accessible products which don’t cost the earth. Minicrops carry its commitment to sustainability right through to the delivery of their products, which come in eco-friendly packaging and if you’re in London, reach your front door via public transport, electrically powered vehicles or even by their trusty on-foot couriers, getting their daily steps in. For customers further afield, Minicrops use next day courier delivery.

Food, sustainability, and health are closely connected. Grown without herbicides or pesticides, the crops arrive ready to eat and bursting with flavour. Harvested and delivered on the same day, Minicrops offer the highest level of freshness with top-quality taste to match. From sweet Apple Blossom to tangy Lemon Sorrel and a variety of Live Herbs such as Micro Red Mizuna, Mustard Frills, and Micro Kohlrabi, Minicrops offers a continually changing range of 16 different crops to help inspire the chef in you. For customers who prefer cut product, all of Minicrops’ products can be supplied via this method.

A range of exciting recipes are uploaded weekly to their website, so at-home cooks can elevate their crafty creations to a professional standard. Whether it’s a hearty Autumnal Butternut Squash soup topped with aromatic sage or Chicken à La Francaise finished off with a scattering of pea shoots to give it that je ne sais quoi, Minicrops have got restaurant style cooking at home covered.

Based in Deptford, the systems utilise otherwise empty urban space and farm its produce vertically, using less water and no soil and provides a vision of how we must feed our planet moving forwards. Growing the crops using Controlled Environment Technology means less reliance on seasonality and more regular produce, so you can taste the freshness all year round.

Vertical Future (parent company) Co-Founder and CPO, Marie Burrows, says: “The ability to produce crops within urban spaces which may have otherwise been disused is a benefit for all. Beyond the food aspect, this is also about creating training, skilled jobs, and educational opportunities for all.” Balancing top-quality, fresh produce, higher nutritional benefits and an array of positive environmental impacts, Minicrops is now available to purchase online via its website Incorporate sustainable living into your diet with these flavour bombs, helping your dishes look and taste Michelin-starred.

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