Idahoan launches trio of perfect mash pots

Master of mash in moments, Idahoan, has announced it’s launching its most convenient product yet. A trio of Perfect Mash Pots are set to hit the shelves in Asda and Morrison’s stores across the country, each clocking in at under 220 cals!

Known for making mid-week meals delicious, quick and easy, Idahoan is now here to bring you lunch, late-night snacks or a cleverly constructed carby-side in mere moments.

Wave goodbye to noodles and hello to oodles of luscious, creamy mash, available in three warming flavours. Choose from traditional Bubble & Squeak, perfect for a morning pick-me-up; Sausage & Mash, the ideal lunch date we’d all love to cosy up to; or Bacon & Cheese, saviour of a quick post-shift supper or late-night gaming session.

Pop on the kettle and pop off the lid to have a delicious and convenient meal made in moments. All made using the finest Idahoan russet potatoes, the Bubble & Squeak includes chunks of carrot and flecks of leeks all cuddled by a comforting glug of cream. Sausage & Mash is an updated take on the classic using veggie sausages and a tasty gravy flavouring alongside the mainstay of marvellous mash. Bacon & Cheese pairs smoky bacon with three-cheeses; parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar for the ultimate cheese-lovers hit.

So give your potato peeler a rest, park your preconceptions and tear into a new pot of Idahoan Perfect Mash and enjoy a scrumptious, satisfying meal in minutes.

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