First UK Sprouted Flour Crackers, Sprouted Genius to Launch on Ocado

Launching into Ocado this January, Sprouted Genius are set to become the UK’s first ever sprouted flour cracker brand. Available from the end of this month, the innovative brand has tapped into the ever-growing trend of incorporating ancient grains. Made using healthier sprouted varieties they come in three flavours and are the perfect accompaniment to jazz up a cheeseboard, snack on their own or dunk into dips.

The colourful crackers are available in Amaranth & Beetroot, Purple Corn, Sea salt & Black Pepper and plain Amaranth. The deliciously moreish biscuits are baked in the UK using the finest wholegrain organic sprouted flour from ancient grains. The sprouted grain flour is combined with wheat to give them a good ‘snap’ .

Sprouted flour adds a more complex flavour and texture, not seen in your average cracker. Leaving the seed of the grain to sprout releases more of the nutrients held within, including vitamin C, carotene & vitamin B, to name but a few and makes them easier for the body to absorb and digest.

Sprouted Genius are launching with three enticing and versatile varieties. Pairing suggestions include:

  • Amaranth – this light and malty cracker is great matched with hard cheeses, pâté and smoked salmon mousse
  • Amaranth & Beetroot – this warm & subtle flavoured cracker pairs well with a smear of soft cheese, figs or vegetable tapenade
  • Purple Corn, Sea Salt & Black Pepper – spicy and vibrant, this cracker tastes great with a wedge of strong blue cheese, dip or olives

Sprouted Genius’s founder Noreen Finnamore explains that “We first discovered sprouted grains on our travels to the States and were intrigued by their health properties as well as their delicious flavour. Sprouted Genius was designed to be an innovative, visually appealing and commercial product for retail and food service”.

Stand-out packaging, vibrant colours and the ‘linking sprouts’ design have been chosen to increase shelf presence, helping retailers to sell and customers to discover and find again. Clear, easy to read text with a hand-drawn font and logo work to convey a sense of fun and informality.

UK Sales: and Tel: 01454 219445

Sprouted Genius will be stocked on Ocado from the end of Jan 2018, RRP: £2.99

All Sprouted Genius crackers are suitable for vegans and are kosher & halal.

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