Change your Drinking Habits with Club Soda's Courses

Whether you want to cut down, take a break, or stop drinking altogether, mindful drinking movement, Club Soda, has course options to expertly guide you through your experience. Based on the very best of behaviour change science, the courses will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to make lasting changes to your drinking habits.

How to Drink Mindfully provides you with in-depth and thought-provoking information, advice, tips and progress tracking tools, as you connect with other people who are becoming mindful drinkers.

Club Soda defines mindful drinking as an attitude; you can change the way you think and feel about alcohol. For £40, the How to Drink Mindfully course teaches people exactly that. If you want to change your drinking, quitting isn’t the only option. How to Drink Mindfully will help you discover how to cut down your drinking and include alcohol in your life in a way that helps you to live well. Starting with personalised feedback on your drinking habits, the course is split into four parts, and takes a step-by-step approach that unfolds at your pace, supporting you to change your drinking, as and when you’re ready.

Building on the core principles of mindfulness, your experience starts by teaching you how to pay attention to your drinking habits. Part two involves learning how to make mindful decisions, finding your triggers and challenging your assumptions. Once this is mastered, you’ll move onto living with intention and lessons on decision-making. The course finishes as you learn about the practicalities of mindful drinking, encouraging you to focus on enjoyment in drinking and keeping track of what works for you. Also included are exclusive bonus videos featuring conversations with Club Soda founders Laura Willoughby and Dru Jaeger, as well as four downloadable booklets packed with practical advice to help you pay attention, understand yourself, live with intention and drink mindfully in practice.

Join Club Soda’s fantastic community of likeminded people – make the most of their platform to change your drinking habits, choose better alcohol-free drinks and connect with other mindful drinkers. Club Soda’s courses not only empower you to make drinking, or not drinking, work for your lifestyle but help you make those changes for the long-term.

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