Cast A Spell This Halloween with Konditor & Cook’s Once Upon A Nightmare Collection

This Halloween, Konditor & Cook’s Once Upon A Nightmare brings together a collection of terrifying treats, frighteningly good cakes and bloody bakes as they creep into another world full of villains, horror, spikes and of course, blood.

Biscuits & Bakes

Meet the Voodoo Villains who’ll lure you in with their familiar form and tempting taste. Cast as Hades, Cruella De Ville, Ursula, The Evil Queen and Maleficent —beware! ­­­– they may bite back! Gingerbread Zombies will be stalking the stores with glowing red eyes and mouths sewn shut — so grab them, before they grab you! Poison Jammers are back from the dead, with their bloody red jam spilling out of their melting faces for the ultimate creep-me-eat-me treat!

Celebration Cakes

Host a party to raise the dead with a Konditor & Cook celebration cake as the main event. Strike fear into the heart of your guests with a Bloody Curly Whirly; layers of chocolate sponge stacked with mascarpone frosting and liberally splashed with red ‘blood’. Or opt for a more ghoulish addition and seize the Poison Apple Curly Whirly, adorned with spiked chocolate shards and a show-stopping Poison Apple dripping in white chocolate.

Trick or Treat

Share the indulgence with a Trick or Treat Time Box, full of Vicious Red Velvet, Spooky Toffee Pudding and Poison Apple Curly Whirly Cork Cakes. This collection of 9 mini bakes has a mix of tongue-in-cheek raspberry eyeballs and poison apple decorations. Or alternatively, treat the family with a Poison Apple Crumble. Shortcrust pastry is loaded with apples and smothered with a crunchy crumble topping and swirls of toffee sauce – savour each mouthful as if it was your last.

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