Pomora - Adopt an Olive Tree and Enjoy the Finest Olive Oil All Year Round

When it comes to olive oil, tasting is understanding. Once you taste Pomora and experience the freshness and vibrancy high quality extra virgin olive oil offers, we promise you won’t want to return to supermarket olive oil ever again. 

Pomora works with two growers – Carmelo from Sicily and Antonio from Campania – and can even help to arrange a trip to visit your grower! Both their families have been producing top-class olive oil for generations and both Carmelo and Antonio are gold medalists at the New York International Olive Oil Competition. 

Alun Johns, Co-founder of Pomora says: “We set up Pomora because we were fed-up with the poor quality olive oil on offer in our supermarkets. We wanted to create a way for people to discover how vibrant and exciting top quality olive oil can be, that would also generate a relationship between the consumer and the grower. The adoption process helps our customers appreciate and understand the work that goes into producing the finest olive oil.”

When Alun and his co-founder Paul McGuigan tasted proper olive oil for the first time it was a revelation. Most of the really high quality, traditional oils only travel about 30 miles from where they are made so are really hard to find in the UK. Coupled with this, it’s an industry with a familiar story in that the large wholesalers continually squeeze the smaller producers on price. In Alun’s words “As well as bringing great olive oil to the UK, we wanted to design the business to help support the small, independent growers who produce these great oils.“ 

By adopting an olive tree through Pomora, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are supporting artisan growers who use traditional farming methods, which respect and protect mother earth. With Pomora, doing good tastes good!

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Each quarterly delivery of Pomora includes three 250ml tins of premium olive oil:
Shipment 1: Olio Nuovo - The youngest, freshest olive oil, it’s bottled directly after harvest, olio nuovo is unfiltered, has a vibrant green colour, a distinct fresh flavour and a pizzicante finish. 
Shipment 2: Three flavoured oils - Lemon, Chilli, and Rosemary - Flavoured with locally-sourced ingredients by the olive producers, these are made with a milder extra virgin olive oil, which allows the flavours to shine through.
Shipment 3: Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Complex flavours intertwine and marry with a healthy finishing kick to produce a great base for vinaigrettes, focaccia or simply as a dip. 
Shipment 4: Three flavoured oils - Basil, Garlic and White truffle

• Adoption: £29 per quarter, rolling. You can cancel any time. 
• Fostering: If you’d rather not set up a rolling subscription, Pomora also offers a Fostering option. There are a range of Fostering options, from £39 for one quarter to £135 for one year.

About Pomora
Pomora is a portmanteau of Pomona - the Roman goddess of fruitful abundance who watches over fruit trees, gardens and orchards and cares for their cultivation - and Hora - the Latin word for time; reflecting the combination of respect for nature and the gifts she bestows upon us and the bringing of traditional methods into the internet age.

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Facebook: /pomoragoodfood

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